Formula: Vision Statement

To (action verb) (object needing change)(action verb) (desired end result) (so that)

What’s the problem? What needs to be done? What’s the solution? What’s the reason?

Why is it important? Compelling reason.

If we don’t (action) then (vision) won’t happen and (undesirable result) will.

Formula: Problem Statement

[Our service/product] was designed to achieve [goals]. We have observed that the service/product isn’t meeting [these goals], which is causing [this adverse effect] to our business. How might we improve [service/product] so that our customers are more successful based on [these measurable criteria]

As written in Lean UX.

Tackle problems quickly

When a crime is not punished quickly, people feel it’s safe to do wrong.  A little bit of leeway can be taken too far when expectations are not appropriately managed.  As a manager and leader it’s imperative you set expectations with your team.  Expectations are boundaries.  Without boundaries, your team is apt to wander.  A wandering team is an unproductive and ineffective team.  Boundaries bring focus and protection.  Your team needs that.  Some might say that boundaries are too restrictive and inhibit creativity.  It think boundaries accelerate thinking.  Think about it.  If the Golden Gate bridge had no guardrails, do you think people would drive 70 miles an hour over it?

Formula: Value Proposition

I’ve been testing this formula out the past couple of posts with popular products in tech on  It’s a great way to help you understand the value proposition for a business in the form of an elevator pitch.

The general pitch formula is people + problem + proof + promise = power.

Additional pitch examples.

Elevator Pitch #1

For (target customer)
Who (statement of the need)
The (product name) is a (product category)
That (product key benefit, compelling reason to buy)
Unlike (primary competitive alternative),
Our product (final statement of primary differentiation)

Elevator Pitch #2

We solve (problem)
by providing (advantage),
to help (target)
accomplish (target’s goal)

Elevator Pitch #3

We work with (your niche),
who haven’t/need to (their problem).
If you’re ready to/it’s time to  (your solution),
We can/will (your promise).

Party like a local

As a traveller, I want to be able to connect with locals so that I can experience the local culture for what it is.  I can either stumble upon it randomly, or use old methods like Fodor’s or I can just party with a local.  Party with a local lets meet and connect with people that I might never have the opportunity to connect with.

It’s not clear how these guys make money, but they are building a community of users that attend local establishments.  It’s not a far reach that ad support and discount related offers could easily come into play.  Maybe dance clubs that charge a cover fee encourage users to bring friend and offer some sort of discount structure.

Users are more than likely of a younger generation and apt to travel alone or with their close friends.  This doesn’t appear something useful for a family.  The idea is cool and I can see similar applications extending to creating memorable experiences that you might not normally discover on your own.



Grow your business don’t just manage it

For landscapers who have trouble managing relationships, who spend too much time managing the business instead of growing it or who spend too much time mucking with numbers, or who do all three well, but in disparate places, is the place to run and grow your landscaping business.  The business is a freemium ad supported model.  They are in growth mode and looking to learn from active users.