The pain shot through my calf like a piercing knife. I am sure onlookers were wondering what happened to me as I abruptly stopped my run and turned the other direction with a limp.

What was supposed to be the start of a new year workout regimen turned into a bag of ice and a spot on the couch. Not what I was really hoping for.

This isn’t the first bought of pain I’ve been through.  My back has given me fits, my knee and even my shoulder. I’d like to chalk it up to getting older, but the reality is I just didn’t prepare well.

It’s my fault. No warm up, no stretching and now…there’s no running. I know I should have prepared better, but I didn’t.  That’s what you call being foolish. Now I’m just angry with myself. I can’t do what I want to do.

My ability to run has been taken from me.  I have two choices. Sulk or get creative.