Reading recipes

Are you a cook?

Have you ever found yourself browsing recipes endlessly for something interesting to make?

Maybe you like the pictures. Maybe you like the thought of putting a beautiful meal on the table for your family.  Maybe you’re searching for the perfect meal to make for that special dinner, but can never find just the right thing.

Whatever your reason is for continuing your search for the perfect recipe, what good is all that browsing if you never cook the meal?

I’m guilty of gathering recipes but never going the extra step to make them come to life.  I know lots of recipes. I can see lots of great meals landing on my table. I can hear the subtle mmmmm as my friends and family take to tasting. But, it’s not real.  It’s imagined.

Maybe it’s not recipes that you’re consuming.  Maybe it’s books on starting a business or how to play guitar or how to fly fish or how to run a marathon.  Reading is not running.  Finding is not fishing. Books are not business.  Perusing is not playing.

Go create what you’ve been consuming.