Advent of the Agilepreneur

A while ago, I came across The Weekly Startup, a blog about taking action, failing fast and starting up.  I was inspired by the process and the speed at which Christoph was able to go from new idea to validation in such a short period.  I think this micro-startup is fascinating and attractive to newbies such as myself.  The duration is short and much easier to focus on learning and process.  I presume this rapid learning and feedback loop will garner great experience and insight over time.  I’ve been a student of start-up courses over the past few years and have yet to have success.  I believe the systems are solid, but they just have not worked for me personally.  I believe mainly due to mindset and general mental blocks that anyone faces when jumping into foreign territory.  I believe the best way to overcome these fears is to “Just do it”, take action and move.  Over the course of the next month, I plan to write about and formulate an agile process for starting up.   Stay tuned.

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