The foundational aspects of what I bring to my work and what I believe makes me successful with teams.

How I work

This is my general approach to doing work that matters: Notice a problem Ask a question Explore the question Form an opinion Collaborate and curate: what do other people think? Validate the problem Take ownership… Read More »How I work

Problem Framing

What is the problem? What makes it a problem? Who is experiencing the problem? Where is the problem happening? What do we assume to know about the problem? What questions to do we need to… Read More »Problem Framing

Change Management

Whose mind are you trying to change? What’s stopping them? Why hasn’t this person changed already? What are the obstacles to action?

First Principles

What is the problem? What are the fundamental parts of the problem? What assumptions are you making? ‘What do you know to be true? Why is it true? How do you know it to be… Read More »First Principles


Keep work human A new book on meaningful work in today’s remote workforce. Learn More Podcaddis A podcast booking service. Learn More Practice Hour A cohort based habit building community. Learn More Dunwoody Tees A… Read More »Projects

Reading recipes

Are you a cook? Have you ever found yourself browsing recipes endlessly for something interesting to make? Maybe you like the pictures. Maybe you like the thought of putting a beautiful meal on the table… Read More »Reading recipes

Tip Tension

That’ll be $3.85, would you like to leave a tip for your server today? My server stood smiling at me.  Eyes locked on the pen and receipt they just handed me to sign.  I waved… Read More »Tip Tension

Earn your coffee

Does your morning routine at the office consists of first getting coffee and second getting to work?  Do you arrive at your desk, put your bag down, then head to fill up your coffee cup… Read More »Earn your coffee