Keep work human

A new book on meaningful work in today’s remote workforce.

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A podcast booking service.

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Practice Hour

A cohort based habit building community.

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Dunwoody Tees

A hyper-local t-shirt shop.

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The Product Journal

A productivity journal for busy product managers.

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The Idea Sprint

An innovation sprint for finding the opportunities right in front of you.

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Crush the Peachtree

A training program for Peachtree Roadracers.

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An android app that helps goal setters create a clear picture of success.

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The Product Improvement Checklist

A lateral thinking tool to help product creators innovate incrementally.

We help people make their message known.  We do this by sharing stories of life change, hopes and dreams. is a purveyor of positivity first and a custom t-shirt brand second.

Think 4:8 Daily

A mental wellness concept app for best-selling author Tommy Newberry.

Totally Running & Walking Blogger

Freelance blogger for running apparel retail store.

Rules of Thumb

Comedic Video Blog

Meet “Thumb”, your unorthodox running coach.


We are surrounded by stories everywhere we go.  News happens and then it’s gone, but what if we could stop and see the stories that were…where we are now?  HereStory helps you discover the people, places and events that over time have developed the identity of the spot you are standing on.