Are you a today or tomorrow person?

Today I am thinking about tomorrow. The future. I can’t control it, but I want to live in it.

I miss today when I’m in the future. I miss my son’s smile as he gets a hit in his baseball game.  I miss the disappointment in my daughter’s voice as she tells me about her day.  I miss the attention my wife desires from me as I walk in the door.

Tomorrow is important. It will have its time, but don’t sacrifice today for tomorrow. Live in the moment. Be present. Welcome what life has offered you today. For a missed moment today becomes yesterday’s regret.

I don’t want to live a life of regret.  I choose today to hold today for what it is and hope for tomorrow.



Framework: Essentialism

Essentialism – The disciplined pursuit of less.

  • Purpose – What’s the one thing you want to accomplish?
  • Pull – Why do you want that one thing?
  • Priority – What’s the one action that you can take that will drive you toward your purpose?
  • Productivity – What are you going to do now that moves you toward your priority?  How are you going to be productive?
  • Profit – Align your actions, priorities and purpose to your pull and the profit will follow.