Keep work human

Let’s be honest, creating change is messy. Starting new things and growing things can get pretty chaotic. If you are bored, go find a mess.

The mess is what makes work interesting. It’s where the action is. It’s where real people are coming together to work and make progress towards a purpose. It’s inherently human to face the wild of a mess and attempt to make things better. No mess, no progress.

That’s where I come in.

Hey! I am Justin. I am a project leader and product thinker based in Atlanta, GA. I’ve rolled up my sleeves and helped large organizations, startups, and medium size businesses put their plans into action for the last 10 years.

Join me on my journey to keeping work human.

Tools don’t solve human problems, humans do.


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Keep Work Human is an unconventional guide to creating a meaningful work experience in today’s remote work lifestyle.

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