Framework: Essentialism

Essentialism – The disciplined pursuit of less.

  • Purpose – What’s the one thing you want to accomplish?
  • Pull – Why do you want that one thing?
  • Priority – What’s the one action that you can take that will drive you toward your purpose?
  • Productivity – What are you going to do now that moves you toward your priority?  How are you going to be productive?
  • Profit – Align your actions, priorities and purpose to your pull and the profit will follow.

Framework: How to Build Rapport

Nothing gets done without relationships.  Building rapport with other people is one of the best things you can do to develop a relationship especially in the early stages of meeting someone.  Below is a simple framework for structuring your conversations.  It’s based on this article .

  • Order an answer (ie: “So, tell me…”)
  • Repeat it back – Confirm that you heard them and that what they have to say is important
  • Question – Focus the interest on them with an open ended specific question.
  • Follow On – Keep the conversation going.  Use verbing to avoid getting stuck.  (ie – Identify a verb in what they just said to you and build a question around it)
  • Feelings – Bring in the feelings, “How did that feel?”

Here is another useful reference for building rapport with anyone you work with and Joe Polish’s Magic Rapport Formula.

Framework: Small Talk

I found this article on to be particularly useful.  The below framework is a great takeaway of us introverts.

Start a Conversation (ARE)

Anchor. Notice and observe a thread of connection and comment on it.

Reveal. Mention something about yourself that builds on your original statement.

Encourage. Finally, tee up a question that relates to the topic to push the conversation forward!

Continue the Conversation (FORM)

Family. Ask about their family and then tell them about yours. Ex. Do you have a big family? Did you grow up in the area?

Occupation. Ask them about their job and their livelihood. Talk about how your jobs compare or differ. How do you spend your time during the week? What’s your favorite part about doing X or working at Y company?

Recreation. Ask what they like to do on the weekends. Sports, hobbies, volunteer work, anything. If you find something in common, jump on it! Do you enjoy Hiking/running? Do you find it hard to find time for it?

Motivation. Ask them what their passions. This is a powerful way to find out what they value. What do you absolutely love doing, both at work and outside of it?