This is what I bring to my work and consider to be foundational in what I do:

Observe signals (pay attention to tension)

Make guesses (ascribe meaning to what you see, you need a starting point)

Talk to humans  (words mean things, understand why)

Mind the gap (point B over point A)

Be helpful (always make people awesome)

Start messy (progress over perfection)

Leverage limitations (constraints are the source of creativity)

Invest in impact (if you aren’t making a difference, then what ARE you doing?)

Be an adult (start with respecting yourself and others)

Figure it out (don’t overthink, take a step first, we will figure it out)

The last responsible moment (if you don’t have to decide now, don’t, stuff changes)

Show your work (it’s the fastest path to feedback and getting better)

Do good work (bring your best)

Take mis-takes (fail and learn)

The enemy is not in here (y’all! we are on the same team, striving for same the goal)

You get an A! (speak from a place of respect)

Improve by 10% (all the time)

Ship your work!

Check out how I approach my work.