I am a Christian. It’s who I am.

If you didn’t know that about me, it either explains things for you or you have now labeled me and begun to ask questions in your mind like:

“why does he drink beer?”
“but..he lied to me?”
“he doesn’t seem to care”

I can feel the judgement.

It’s ok. I know Christianity gets a bad rap at times. It’s a human problem and not a God problem.

I’m a human, so I have problems. Yet, I have peace.

For the longest time, I’ve been afraid to put my faith out there. Not in an overbearing way like this dude


…but just naturally speaking about what I believe and being true to who I am.

It begs questions for which I don’t have all the answers.

I have my own questions. Baggage. Messes. Yet, I have peace.

I get up early every morning (5 am) and one of the first things I do is read the Bible. I read Acts 9 this morning. The story of Saul’s conversion. If you don’t know who Saul is, he is the fella who set out to get rid of all the Jesus followers. Nice guy really. God used a man named Ananias in Saul’s life as a part of his turning point and decision to believe in Jesus. It struck me that God could want me to be somebody’s Ananias. He can’t do that through me if I’m not true to who I am to others. So, here I am. Exposed, willing to be of service to God if and when he calls.

This is me getting baptized a few years ago. It sounds a little rehearsed, but the words are mine.

I really do have a southern accent (I’m proud of that).

If you read this and have questions for me, ask them. If I don’t have answers, I can find someone who does.

Your mess is mine

I think Hannah Montana had it right. Nobody is perfect.

Intuitively knowing this, we still hold ourselves to a higher standard. A standard of truth, justice and morality. We act as though perfection is achievable and anything short of it is unacceptable.

We feel the pressure to perform. We fear the judgement of others. We want to measure up.

We hide our messes. (Here’s one of mine)

Be very careful when shoving the next thing in ...
Be very careful when shoving the next thing in …

I am finding that in the gap between my mess and perfection there is comfort in my imperfection. In sharing my mess, I find that I am human. I have connection to others. A connection that comes from a recognition that there is something bigger than me. Bigger than us.

So, I celebrate my messes and I celebrate yours. Your mess is mine.

I am a mess because I am human. I am ok with that.

You can never be wrong by doing what’s right

My daughter Finleigh is a freshman at North Springs High School in Sandy Springs, Georgia.  Recently she had angst over an upcoming biology test. She is a diligent worker and studied hard, but the night before the test was still feeling a little uneasy about being ready for it.  When she received the test, much to her surprise, it had all the answers on it!  She was immediately faced with a choice, choose to tell the teacher or remain silent and copy the answers.

She chose to raise her hand, but when other students saw this she was immediately ridiculed.  Another choice, keep her hand up in the face of peer pressure or continue down the path she had previously chosen. She kept her hand up.

This story is inspiring to me because it reminds me that you can never be wrong by doing what’s right.  I’m proud to be her Dad.