A Father’s Exhortation

This is your goal

You’re ready

You’ve worked for it

You’ve put the time in

You’ve put the energy in

You’re the person for this

You’re the real deal

You’re inspiring

You’re prepared

You’re qualified

You deserve it

See it

Go take it

It’s yours

You own it

Speak it

Go after it

This is it

Take Hold of it

Make it count

Everything you got

Leave your heart and soul on the floor

Make them remember who you are

They will remember who you are

Go take what’s yours

You are worthy of this

This is your goal


Unfinished words on a page

Brought back from the days

Of being alone

Oh If I could just sing you a song

Then baby you would’ve known

What was in my heart was a melody

That would make you cry

You say

If you love me

You’ll write me a song

And make me me feel

Like we were young kids

Nothing but each other

All our hopes and dreams

Tied up in wonder

Would we make it or not

I’ll show you what I got

So I’ll write you a song

You say

If you love me

You’ll write me a song

That I can sing

And make me smile

who would’ve known

When I poured you that glass

Of OJ, it would come to pass

And so warm your heart

Like the melody of your favorite song

Problem is

We have so much history

Theres too much to say in a song

But I’ll try anyway

I’ll try anyway

If you love me

You’ll write me a song

With a melody

And make me cry

So I’ll sing you that song

I hope it makes you smile

And remember why

Yes, I love you

And here we are now

We’re a family

Because of that OJ!

Deep within


an innocent little flower


Gettin’ things off my chest


It never should’ve stopped ya


Is that what you were after?


My honor taken with it

A Song

Buried down too long

Born for something greater

not to learn about it til later


Holding deep within



You let it out


It begins

Leavin’ Song

For my Big Bird….
We packed your bags
It was a perfect fit
Your clothes tied up nice
Just like you imagined it
I can’t believe today’s already come
5 lbs you were a miracle
A subtle smile
At times you came undone
You’re older now
I’m proud of you
Daddy’s girl
I wish your dreams true
I won’t lie
It’s hard you know
To watch your baby girl
Be set free and grow

You see when you lose a part of you

It breaks your heart it tears your soul
I can’t believe today’s already come
I’ll be fine
Don’t worry about me
I’ll close my eyes
And there you’ll be
Spinning round
The kitchen square
Falling down in your underwear
Do your best
Clean up your mess
I’ll be here
when you need an ear
So dance little girl
Go get your dream
I miss you now
And you haven’t left
I can’t believe today’s already come