One Sentence Product Pitch

We offer  (your product or service) which helps (your customer) do (what your customers want in their words). Example   “We offer a monthly tea subscription which helps busy professionals create more moments that matter.”

Copywriting Story

Back when I was [self-deprecating incongruous phrase], I desperately wanted to [do something clearly outrageous and unattainable]… but I [was hobbled by something]. This provided the best possible lesson: [lesson, phrased as an idiot lucking out]. What does this… Read More »Copywriting Story

7 Sentence Story

Complete each of the following sentences: “Once upon a time …” “And every day …” “Then one day …” “Because of this …” “Because of this …” “Until Finally … “ “And ever since that… Read More »7 Sentence Story

Simple 90 Day Plan

A quick and dirty 90 Day Plan as outlined by Dan Sullivan in his talk about Moving the Future.

OKR Planning Tool

OKR’s or objectives and key results is a method for defining and tracking goals and desired outcomes.  Much has been written about OKR’s and it has been made popular recently by its use at Google… Read More »OKR Planning Tool